Thursday, March 25, 2010


animal collective is one of those bands that you like or you don't. i happen to love them. tonight i went to a visual album done by them and directed by danny perez. it was about 54 minutes long, not to long and not to short. actually it ended up being just perfect. i think a high dosage of the film would have left me feeling insane. one minute i felt like i was a on top of the world, then anxious, to feeling complete despair, and any other emotion you could thing of in between. before long i just felt weird. i guess drawing inspirations from the japanese horror film called house, what else was it suppose to do? it was really interesting after to have members of the band and the director come out and talk to the audience about the film and left the floor open for questions. i think the best question asked was in reference to the title of the film, ODDSAC. aside from the aesthetically pleasing arrangement of letters, they said one night they were sitting around discussing titles and noticed they had an weird bag of gummies.

weird bag of gummies = oddsac.
go watch it. the ending scene is what i wish i could do every time i listen to animal collective

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Murakami + Johnny Greenwood

an amazing author plus and amazing musician! what more could you ask for in a perfect film? Greenwoods scoring for the film There Will Be Blood was pretty epic, i can only imagine the outcome of this film!
directed by Tran Anh Hung 

"i once had a girl, or should i say she once had me"