Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FEIST x Look at what the light did now.

Recently, I went to a screening of Feist’s new documentary
 “Look at What the Light Did Now”.

signed poster
So you may be thinking… how is this art related? Isn’t Feist just another pop singer who was in an Ipod nano commercial? Yeah she is a Pop singer, but Director Anthony Seck's documentary reveals that there is a good deal of artistic collaboration that goes into producing that "Pop". Feist refers to her collaborators as "amplifiers". The "amplifiers" who contributed to Feist's Grammy Award winning album were drawn from a diverse group that include– shadow puppeteers (Clea Minaker), a video director (Patrick Daughters), musicans (Chilly Gonzales and Mocky),a visual artist (Simone Rubi) , and a photograher (Mary Rozzi). In the film we see the role that all of these artists had in "amplifying" Feists abilities through archival footage of recordings in a dilapidated French mansion, one on one interviews, stadium packed live performances, and behind the scenes footage of Feist's music videos.

simone rubi - graphic artist

After the screening there was a Q&A with Feist, Anthony Seck, Mary Rozzi, and Simone Rubi. Something interesting that Anthony said was “ We all have a language that connects us, and draws us in and blinds us. The language that connected everyone in the film was the music and friendship.” The purpose of the film was to show how all these different art forms are connected and how they interact with one another. From the directors, the music, the photography, the shadow puppets during the live shows, to the album artwork and the making of it. All of these extra pieces added something more to the music resulting in "amplification".

If you want to see some very inspiring synergy between a musician and fellow artists... check out this film, In stores December 7, 2010!


  1. this was just forwarded to me....glad you 'got' the film!

    simone rubi

  2. Simone! im so glad this was forwarded to you! the film was inspiring to see a bunch of artist of different crafts come together and produce something beautiful :)

    p.s. i just added the photo we shot with you, i was hesitant to put it up because i look weird. maybe it was due to the fact that i smelled like garlic fries and cigarettes.... ha